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Discover our funny story collection for children with audio plays - perfect for the bedtime ritual! Our short, humorous tales take children on magical adventures and ensure happy dreams. Some of our stories have been lovingly set to music with our app to make listening an interactive experience. The combination of image, text and sound captivates little listeners and lets them immerse themselves in imaginative worlds. With our selection of amusing children's stories, going to bed becomes the highlight of the day. Choose one of the many free stories, snuggle up with your child and enjoy a relaxing, cheerful atmosphere before falling asleep. Our unique stories promote imagination, language comprehension and the joy of reading. Discover our collection of funny short stories for children now and transform going to bed into an enchanting ritual full of fun, security and harmony. With our child-friendly story app and the free audio plays, you create unforgettable moments with your sunshine.

Title: Adel the Young Dragon

Adel the Young Dragon

Chapter 1: The CurseOnce upon a time, in a lush green forest, lived a young dragon named Adel. Adel was an 11-year-old fire dragon who loved spending her days soaring through the skies and exploring the forest floor. She had a special bond with all the animals in the forest and made it her mission to protect them.

Title: Audrey's Quest for Fire

Audrey's Quest for Fire

Chapter One: Audrey's DilemmaAudrey WolfQueen lived in a vast, green meadow nestled in the heart of Dragonland. Her parents were proud shadow dragons who worked tirelessly to protect their precious land and its creatures. Despite her young age, Audrey aspired to be just like her parents one day, but there was one problem - she couldn't breathe fire like the other dragons.

Title: Bella the Broccoli and the Mysterious Gateway

Bella the Broccoli and the Mysterious Gateway

Chapter One: The Food Market AdventureOscar loved going to the food market with his mom every Saturday. He loved smelling all the different fruits and vegetables, and sometimes his mom would let him pick out a special treat. This week, they were walking by a truck that was full of all kinds of vegetables.

Title: Fofo's Choice

Fofo's Choice

Chapter 1: The Princess RobotFofo was a special robot. Unlike other robots in the kingdom of Ziro, Fofo was created to serve as a princess. She had a beautiful crown on top of her head and a dress with a long train that flowed behind her wherever she went. Her programming dictated that she should always be graceful, kind, and fair.

Title: Mainur the Interstellar Teacher

Mainur the Interstellar Teacher

Chapter 1: A Mysterious VisitorMainur, the wise and experienced interstellar teacher, had traveled countless light-years to reach the planet Earth. She arrived in a small town and decided to visit the local school to learn and teach about their solar system and the mysteries of the universe.

Title: Naya and the Nocturnal Heroes

Naya and the Nocturnal Heroes

Chapter 1: The Lost Teddy BearNaya tossed and turned in bed, unable to fall asleep. She had tried everything from counting sheep to drinking warm milk, but nothing seemed to work. Her favorite stuffed toy, a teddy bear named Mr. Snuggles, was missing, and that only made things worse.

Title: Olivia the Onion and the Search for the Rainbow Plant

Olivia the Onion and the Search for the Rainbow Plant

Chapter 1: The Food Market Field TripOscar was excited for his class field trip to the food market. He and his classmates lined up outside the school bus, chatting and laughing while their teacher made final attendance checks. The sun shone brightly in the sky and a gentle breeze blew, making Oscar's hair tickle his face.

Title: Olivoa and the Defense of the Kingdom

Olivoa and the Defense of the Kingdom

Chapter One: The Princess CatOlivoa was a small, graceful kitty with soft, white fur and bright, green eyes. She lived in a grand castle in the middle of a beautiful kingdom ruled by her parents, the king and queen. Olivoa was a princess and loved to spend her days exploring the castle grounds and playing with her animal friends.

Chapter 1: Once Upon a Time in the Enchanted Forest

Once Upon a Time in the Enchanted Forest

Once upon a time, in the magical kingdom of Fairyland, nestled amidst whispering willows and twinkling brooks, lived six extraordinary friends – Bee-bee, Luke, Lyla, Ronnie Anne, Rosie, and Ruby. Bee-bee and Luke were foxes, full of charm and mischief, and royal heirs. Lyla was a bear, gentle and wise beyond her years. Ronnie Anne was a spry dolphin, brimming with boundless energy, and Rosie was a clever elf with a fondness for making intricate models of the enchanted forest. Ruby was a sparkling fairy who could turn ordinary stones into precious gems with a flick of her wand. The friends spent their days exploring the meandering paths of the forest, having tea parties in the heart of the woods, and enjoying the sounds of the Hypella music festival which Lyla cherished. However, their carefree days were about to encounter a hurdle. The king of Fairyland announced an arranged union between Bee-bee and a dour prince from a faraway kingdom, causing a ripple of dismay among the friends.

Title: Roki the Detective Rabbit

Roki the Detective Rabbit

Chapter 1: The Case of the Stolen Birthday GiftRoki the Rabbit woke up early on his 5th birthday and couldn't wait to see his friends at his birthday party. His parents had planned a big celebration for him, and he was excited to see the decorations and presents.

Title: "Sravya and the Misunderstood Dragon"

Sravya and the Misunderstood Dragon

Chapter 1: The Water DragonSravya was a young and ambitious Water Dragon, with beautiful blue scales that shimmered in the sunlight. She spent her days cleaning the rivers and lakes, making sure the water was pure and sparkling for all the creatures who called it home. She loved nothing more than diving deep into the water, feeling its cool embrace as she swept away the debris and pollutants.

Title: The Forbidden Ninjutsu

The Forbidden Ninjutsu

Chapter 1: The DiscoveryBerth Trooth was a young elf ninja who had trained for years to become one of the best in her village. She had honed her skills in the art of stealth and combat to perfection and was known for her bravery and intelligence. Despite her young age, she had already faced many challenges and had proven herself to be a true warrior.

Title: The Magical Journey of Nana and Ember

The Magical Journey of Nana and Ember

Chapter One: The Hidden CreatureNana and Ember had always been curious creatures, eager to explore the magical world around them. They had spent many years travelling to the farthest corners of the earth, discovering new creatures and meeting new people.

Title: The Mysterious Disappearance of Peter the Potato

The Mysterious Disappearance of Peter the Potato

Chapter 1: The Missing PotatoOscar was strolling through the Food Market with his mother, holding her hand tightly. He loved coming here because of the colorful stalls and different types of fruits and vegetables. But today, something was off. He couldn't see Peter the Potato's stall, and that was strange. Peter was always there, greeting everyone with a big smile.

Title: The Mysterious Magical Disturbance

The Mysterious Magical Disturbance

Chapter 1:Nana and Omnie were the best of friends in the enchanted forest. Nana was a wise old fairy, who loved to experiment with magic spells and Omnie, a young explorer fairy, who loved nothing more than going on magical adventures with Nana. Today, as they walked through the forest, they noticed that all the unicorns were restless and agitated. Their manes were standing on end, and they were neighing loudly. Something strange was happening in the forest, and Nana and Omnie knew they had to find out what it was.

Title: The Mystery of Peppy the Pepper

The Mystery of Peppy the Pepper

Chapter 1: Peppy Goes MissingOscar and his friends loved to play in the garden after school. They would run around chasing each other and playing hide and seek among the rows of vegetables. Their favourite vegetable was Peppy the Pepper. Peppy was a bright red pepper with a big smile on his face. He would always wave at the children as they passed by.

Title: The Mystery of the Invisible Tomato

The Mystery of the Invisible Tomato

Chapter 1: The Vegetable Variety ShowBoris was excited to attend the annual Vegetable Variety Show that her school organized. This year, it was going to be bigger and better than ever before, with new participants and interesting performances.

Title: The Mystery of the Missing Carla Carrot

The Mystery of the Missing Carla Carrot

Chapter 1: The Panic in the Vegetable GardenOscar loved spending time in his family's vegetable garden in the backyard. He loved watching the different vegetables grow and helping his parents tend to them. He especially loved talking to the vegetables and hearing their silly stories.

Title: The Quest for the Magical Food Market

The Quest for the Magical Food Market

Chapter 1:Oscar loved his village. It was a peaceful place where everyone knew each other and cared for one another. But things had changed lately. The crops in the fields were not growing as they used to. They were small and stunted, and the colors were dull. Everyone was worried.

Title: The Secret Room of the Enchanted Castle

The Secret Room of the Enchanted Castle

Chapter 1: The DiscoveryEliza, a little fairy princess, loved to explore every corner of the Enchanted Castle where she lived. She would flit from room to room, admiring the intricate designs and decorations that surrounded her. One day, as she sang her favorite song from Harry Potter, she noticed a strange, new door tucked away in a corner of the castle.

Title: The Tennis Tournament of Mythical Creatures

The Tennis Tournament of Mythical Creatures

Chapter One: The ChallengeAmy and Anna, the two best tennis players of their town, were practicing their skills in the park. They were focused on hitting their shots when suddenly, a mysterious figure appeared before them.

Title: The Wisdom of the Wizard

The Wisdom of the Wizard

Chapter One: The Princess and the WizardOnce upon a time, in a magical land far, far away, there lived a young fairy named Summy. Summy was just seven years old and worked as a princess in the Fairy Kingdom. She loved to watch cartoons and play with her fairy friends in the castle gardens.

Title: The Young Dragon Hero

The Young Dragon Hero

Chapter One: The CurseIn a lush and vibrant forest, a young dragon named Rtt soared through the treetops, breathing lightning bolts that illuminated the sky. Rtt was a diverse dragon with shimmering scales that shifted from deep blue to fiery orange, depending on her mood. She picked up speed, trying to beat her previous record of circling the forest in under five minutes. As she flew over a clearing, she noticed a group of animals huddled together, looking worried.

Title: Tommy the Tomato and the Mystery of the Missing Veggies

Tommy the Tomato and the Mystery of the Missing Veggies

Chapter 1: A Mysterious DisappearanceOscar was excited to start his day at school. Today was the day the whole class was going to help harvest the vegetables they had been growing in the school garden. Oscar loved the garden, especially the big juicy tomatoes that were his favorite.

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