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If your children are anything like mine, they love to read. Keeping them entertained with what books they want to read, that is the challenging part. They are sick of the same cookie cutter books that they already read. So discovering this app has been a blessing.


Amazing selection. Lots of ways to personalize. The kids like it. Great art. We save so much time over choosing a book and change it into fun making one instead. Really makes everyone feel special that they can be a star in the stories. It's never ending fun.

Henry K.

Just tried it out with my two youngsters and they loved it! Especially choosing different types and professions! Beautiful illustrations!

Sofia H.

After a long day at work you sometimes just dont have the imagination to come up with a beftime story for your little one! Then this is a great help!

Jana S.

Oscar's personalized bedtime stories for kids are a novel concept with expansion potential since they integrate technology and storytelling to give youngsters something new and exciting to do before bed.

Elsa F.

Oscar is the best AI app I have come across. Stunning design and a helpful bedtime tool for my son.

Lily C.

I love the idea of Oscar! The app's ability to generate unique and tailored stories for kids, with an educational aspect and multilingual support, is fantastic. Thanks for creating such an innovative tool!


After a long day at work you sometimes just dont have the imagination to come up with a beftime story for your little one! Then this is a great help!

Syniem S.

I found Matt & Dima while I was lurking on Twitter - and boy! They've made the app I always wanted. I'm a storyteller at heart - I'm the Dungeon Master for my home game for the past 3-4 years and I love telling stories. But, when I had to tell stories to my li'l girl, I was stuck. I did muck about with ChatGPT to make something, but there was too much friction. I bit the bullet and tried out Oscar and within seconds, it gave me a solid story that I could read out to my baby girl. In fact, the story was so good, that my baby girl - who I called 'my little goblin', declared herself to be 'the li'l witch'. Stories are powerful. With Oscar, they are easy too. Good luck Matt & Dima!

Arvindh S.

Have been using Oscar since very early on! Its amazing - and the kids love choosing their own way They've also been implementing lots of updates and always requesting feedback from the users. Really love Oscar and the team!

Omar M.

Your app sounds like a great solution for busy parents who want to make bedtime special for their kids. I love the fact that the stories are personalized and educational. I can't wait to give it a try!

Layla S.

Greatest App for Kids & Fun. We enjoy it every night, as we create our own unique stories!! Love it!

Jürgen P.

Oscar is highly underrated, the way the stories are personalized to the kids makes them even more exciting and makes the kids look forward to another adventure that features them directly. What's even more interesting is how each story manages to pass a great life lesson. I'd recommend Oscar to every parents out there.

Nzagha David E.

Oscar is a well designed story telling app for kids with cute characters as protagonists. My 7y old approves of it.

David G.

So awesomely cute! I absolutely love the idea and the way you made it! Big like for awakening kids' creativity and endless sphere of imagination on such a magical way! 🥰🙌 Big congratulations on the launch! ✨🎉🥳


Can’t stand how cute it is 😍😍

Taiba B.

I've tried Oscar with my little boys and they LOVED it. Such great stories and amazing characters - it helps that they are super cute.

Adam K.

That’s so cute and awesome 🤩 wish I had this app when I was a child.

Inara K.

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