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Oscar was developed by Dima Rubanov & Matthias Neumayer. We are two entrepeneurs from Vienna. Our inspiration came from Oscar, the godchild of one of our founders. Oscar's constant demand for fresh stories featuring himself and his best friends inspired us to create an app that would provide parents with an endless source of inspiration for bedtime stories.
Founders Dima Rubanov and Matthias Neumayer

Our goal is to make bedtime storytelling enjoyable for both parents and children. Using AI technology, Oscar generates unique stories based on user input, resulting in an infinite universe of storytelling possibilities. Our team worked closely with parents to ensure that the content is child-friendly, inclusive, and diverse, free from any racist or sexist elements.

Founders Dima Rubanov and Matthias Neumayer

The app was developed in collaboration with parents and places special emphasis on educational value. The generated stories are not only entertaining, but also teach important moral values and principles such as honesty, kindness, courage, empathy and responsibility.

Enhanced with illustrations, longer and higher-quality narratives, Oscar ensures that every child's bedtime story is a unique and memorable experience. We were also named Product of the Weekend on the renowned platform, Product Hunt.

We invite you to join the thousands of satisfied parents who have discovered the joys of Oscar Bedtime Stories.

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