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Your child can be the star of their very own personalized story, selecting unique characters and professions that make the adventure uniquely theirs.

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  • With Oscar, your child becomes the hero of their own adventure, making bedtime a magical experience for the whole family!
  • The stories are supported with loving illustrations that stimulate children's imagination.
  • Great attention was paid to ensure that the stories are child-friendly and do not contain any problematic content.
  • With Oscar, you can experience the thrill of reading a new story without having to spend hours searching for the perfect one.

Teach valuable lessons

Oscar generates stories that are not only entertaining but also embedded with important life lessons. The app offers a wide range of stories that cover various topics such as honesty, kindness, courage, empathy, and responsibility, among others. With Oscar, children can learn important morals in a fun and exciting way.

Oscar - personalized bedtime stories

stories app

Oscar - personalized bedtime stories
Actively participate in your child's bedtime storytelling, strengthening bonds and creating cherished shared moments during story time
Oscar - personalized bedtime stories
Involve loved ones , embark on adventures, invent characters, explore, fostering fun, creativity, and imaginative thinking
Oscar Scientist
Oscar offers fresh stories for bedtime, saving parents time and ensuring hassle-free bedtime routine
Oscar Pilot

Part 1: A Cosmic Beginning

In a world very different from our own, on the outskirts of an uncharted galaxy, there existed a planet known as Aelementum. Aelementum was a diverse world inhabited by magical creatures, harnessing the powers of Air, Earth, Fire, and Water. But there was more to this magical place, as it also benefitted from extraordinary cosmic elements...
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If your children are anything like mine, they love to read. Keeping them entertained with what books they want to read, that is the challenging part. They are sick of the same cookie cutter books that they already read. So discovering this app has been a blessing.


Amazing selection. Lots of ways to personalize. The kids like it. Great art. We save so much time over choosing a book and change it into fun making one instead. Really makes everyone feel special that they can be a star in the stories. It's never ending fun.

Henry K.

Just tried it out with my two youngsters and they loved it! Especially choosing different types and professions! Beautiful illustrations!

Sofia H.

After a long day at work you sometimes just dont have the imagination to come up with a beftime story for your little one! Then this is a great help!

Jana S.

Oscar's personalized bedtime stories for kids are a novel concept with expansion potential since they integrate technology and storytelling to give youngsters something new and exciting to do before bed.

Elsa F.

Oscar is the best AI app I have come across. Stunning design and a helpful bedtime tool for my son.

Lily C.


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