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LORA will be the first trustworthy AI Adoption for reduced bias and child appropiate language in DACH. We will release an innovative new mobile app that uses the power of artificial intelligence to help children learn about science through personalized, interactive stories. Developed by Oscar Stories, LORA aims to get kids excited about STEM subjects in a fun and engaging way.
Founders Dima Rubanov and Matthias Neumayer

At LORA, we recognize that gender bias in AI systems is a critical issue that needs to be addressed head-on. Many AI models reflect and even amplify real-world biases, including outdated gender stereotypes. For example, AI language models may associate doctors and engineers with men, while assigning roles like nurse and teacher to women. This bias stems from the human-generated data used to train AI. However, we believe AI also presents an opportunity to move beyond human biases and shape a more equitable future. That's why LORA we want to developing trustworthy, ethical AI for children.

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AWS AI Adoption / The Austrian Federal Ministry for Labour and Economy (BMAW) / Fachakademie Sozialpädagogik München Mitte / TRUSTIFAI

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If you can speak german, enjoy writing stories and would like to support us, you can submit your story here and receive a one-month free Pro subscription to FragDasPDF. The story should be child-friendly, cover content from elementary school curriculum, and be between one and two pages long.

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