Story for Summy

Title: The Wisdom of the Wizard

Chapter One: The Princess and the Wizard

Once upon a time, in a magical land far, far away, there lived a young fairy named Summy. Summy was just seven years old and worked as a princess in the Fairy Kingdom. She loved to watch cartoons and play with her fairy friends in the castle gardens.
One day, as she was playing with her friends, she overheard a conversation between the fairy queen and the king. They were discussing a problem that they could not solve. The king said, "We need someone wise and powerful to help us. We need a wizard or a sage."

Summy was curious and asked, "What is the problem, your majesty?"

The queen explained, "There is a dark force that is threatening our kingdom, and we cannot defeat it on our own. We need a wise and powerful wizard or sage to guide us and help us overcome this challenge."
Summy knew she had to do something to help her kingdom. So, she decided to seek out the guidance and wisdom of a wise and powerful wizard or sage. She didn't know where to start, but she had a feeling that she would find the right person if she just kept searching.
With determination in her heart, Summy set out on a journey to find the wizard or sage. She walked through forests, crossed rivers, and climbed mountains. She met many creatures along the way, some of which tried to stop her, but she persevered.
Finally, after many days of traveling, Summy came across an old and wise wizard. The wizard was sitting on a rock, meditating, and his long white beard was blowing in the wind.
Summy approached the wizard and said, "Excuse me, wise wizard, can you help me defeat a dark force that is threatening my kingdom?"
The wizard opened his eyes and looked at Summy. He smiled and said, "I can help you, little fairy, but you must learn to respect others and their ways. Only then, will you be able to defeat the dark force."
Summy nodded her head and said, "Thank you, wise wizard. I will remember your words."
The wizard gave Summy a magical crystal that would help her on her journey. He also gave her a map that would guide her back to the Fairy Kingdom. Summy thanked the wizard and started her journey back home.
As she was walking, she realized that she had learned an important lesson. She had to respect others and their ways, and only then could she truly succeed in her mission.
With renewed energy and a sense of purpose, Summy returned to the Fairy Kingdom, ready to face the dark force and save her kingdom from harm.
When Summy woke up the next morning, she felt a great sense of excitement with the thought of meeting the great wizard. She had always heard stories about the wise and powerful wizard, but never thought she would get the chance to meet him. She put on her best fairy dress and flew over to the Wizard's tower.
When she arrived, she was greeted by an old man with a long, white beard and a kind smile. The wizard introduced himself as Merlin and welcomed her inside the tower. They sat down in his study, surrounded by books and magical artifacts.
"Welcome, Summy," said Merlin. "I have heard great things about you, and I am honored to help you on your journey."

Summy was thrilled to hear this and eagerly asked Merlin for his guidance.

"Tell me, Merlin," said Summy. "How can I become a better princess?"

Merlin stroked his beard thoughtfully. "To be a good ruler, you must first learn to respect others. Many fairies make the mistake of thinking they know what's best for everyone, but that is not always the case. You must listen to your subjects and hear their concerns. Only then can you make fair and just decisions."
Summy nodded thoughtfully. "I understand, Merlin. I will do my best to listen to others and respect their opinions."
Suddenly, a loud crash echoed through the tower, interrupting their conversation. They rushed outside and saw that a group of ogres had attacked the tower. Summy and Merlin quickly called upon their magic to fight back, but they were outnumbered.
Just when all hope seemed lost, a group of dragons soared down from the sky, their flames burning hot and bright. They had come to help Summy and Merlin! Together, they fought off the ogres and saved the tower.
Summy was amazed by the power and courage of the dragons. She thanked them for their help and promised to always respect and honor their kind. Merlin smiled and nodded in approval.
"That was unexpected," said Summy. "I never knew dragons could be so brave and helpful."
Merlin chuckled. "That's the thing about learning, Summy. You never know what new and exciting things you will discover. Always be open to new experiences and knowledge, and never underestimate the power of respect and kindness."
Summy nodded, feeling inspired by Merlin's wise words. She thanked him for his help and promised to always remember his teachings. As she flew back to her kingdom, Summy knew that she was one step closer to becoming the best princess she could be.
When Summy reached her kingdom, she was welcomed with open arms. She had grown so much during her journey, and everyone could see the change in her. She treated her subjects with kindness and respect and listened carefully to their concerns.
One day, as she was walking through the kingdom, she heard some children crying. She ran over to them and asked what was wrong. They told her that they had lost their pet cat and could not find her anywhere. Summy knew how lonely it felt to lose someone special, and she wanted to help them. She gathered all her fairy friends and set out on a search for the lost cat.
As they searched, they met a wise old cat who knew the kingdom better than anyone else. Summy and her friends listened to the cat's advice and followed her directions. Soon enough, they found the lost cat, safe and sound. The children were overjoyed and thanked Summy for her help.
Summy felt happy and proud. She had learned so much from the wizard and the dragons, but today, she had learned something new on her own. Helping others and showing kindness could make such a difference in someone's life. She knew that she would always strive to be kind and helpful to all those around her.
At that moment, she felt a warm glow within her heart, knowing that she had become the best princess she could be. She looked up at the sky and smiled, knowing that the wizard and the dragons were watching over her.
And so, Summy continued her reign as a kind, fair, and just princess, always eager to learn new things and help those in need. She knew that she had a long journey ahead of her, but she was ready for anything that came her way.


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