Story for Boris & Oscar

Title: The Dragon and the Brave Child

Chapter 1: The Mistrustful Dragon

Deep in the forest, where the trees grew tall and the streams ran clear, there lived a kind-hearted dragon named Ember. Although Ember was known for its bravery and strength, it lived a solitary life in a cave, hidden from the world of humans.
Ember had heard stories of humans hunting down dragons for their treasures and scales. It had witnessed their greed and destruction towards the environment. So Ember mistrusted humans and avoided them at all costs.
But one sunny day, while Ember was out foraging for food, it stumbled across a small clearing in the forest. There, it saw two children playing together - Boris and Oscar. Boris was busy setting up a game board, while Oscar excitedly watched a group of dogs play fetch.
Ember watched the children from a distance, curious and wary. It had never seen humans up close before, and didn't know what to expect. But the children seemed unaware of Ember's presence, and their laughter and joy filled the dragon's heart with a warm glow.
Ember was about to retreat back into the safety of its cave when it heard a loud rustling in the bushes. A pack of wolves emerged from the trees, their eyes fixed on Boris and Oscar.
The children were too engrossed in their games to notice the approaching danger. Ember knew it had to act fast.
With a thunderous roar, Ember unleashed a burst of flames towards the wolves, forcing them to retreat. The children looked up in awe and amazement as Ember landed gracefully in front of them.

"Thank you for saving us," Boris said, his eyes wide with wonder.

"You're a dragon," Oscar whispered in disbelief, reaching out to touch Ember's scales.
Ember flinched at the touch, but didn't harm the child. Instead, it gazed at Boris and Oscar with newfound curiosity and respect.
In that moment, Ember realized that not all humans were cruel and destructive. There were kind-hearted ones, just like Boris and Oscar, who deserved to be protected and cherished.
From that day on, Ember became friends with the two children. They would play games together, go on adventures in the forest, and share stories by the campfire. And Ember no longer felt alone or mistrustful of humans, for it had found true companionship in Boris and Oscar.
Little did they know, their friendship would be put to the test as they faced greater dangers, but they would always have each other's backs.

Chapter 2: The Hunted Dragon

Months passed by, and Ember's friendship with Boris and Oscar grew stronger. They spent most of their days exploring the vast forest, discovering hidden treasures and meeting mystical creatures like fairies and unicorns.
One day, while they were on a hike, they stumbled upon a group of hunters who were setting up traps to catch animals. The hunters were armed with bows and arrows, and their faces were masked with a sinister air.
Ember's heart pounded with fear and anger. It knew how hunters viewed dragons as a valuable prize. The dragon had heard tales of how humans captured dragons, locked them in cages, and sold them to the highest bidder.
Ember knew it had to protect its friends and the other creatures in the forest from these ruthless hunters. So, it roared at them to scare them away.
But one of the hunters saw Ember and recognized it as a dragon. The hunter's eyes sparkled with greed as he raised his bow and aimed at Ember.
Boris and Oscar screamed in terror as they watched the scene unfold. Ember knew it had to act fast.
The ground shook as Ember took off in flight, determined to protect its friends. Arrows whizzed by, barely missing the dragon. Ember dodged them with swift and agile maneuvers.
But then, Ember felt a sharp pain in its left wing. One of the arrows had hit its mark.
Ember's wings started to give way, and it plummeted to the ground. Boris and Oscar rushed to Ember's side, their faces full of panic.

"Ember, are you alright?" Oscar asked, his voice trembling.

Ember growled in pain, but it refused to give up. It knew it had to fight until its last breath to protect its friends.
The hunters approached, their weapons raised. Ember closed its eyes and braced itself for the attack.
But then, a miracle happened. The other creatures of the forest, who had been observing from a distance, came to Ember's aid. The fairies summoned a gust of wind that carried Ember to safety, while the unicorns charged at the hunters, using their magical powers to create a barrier of protection.
Boris and Oscar watched in awe as the hunters were driven away, defeated and humiliated.
Ember was wounded, but alive. Boris and Oscar tended to the dragon's injuries, applying ointments and wrapping bandages around its wings. They knew that Ember had risked its life to protect them, and they were grateful beyond words.
As they sat by Ember's side, watching the dragon's chest rise and fall with each breath, they knew that their friendship was unbreakable. They had faced a common enemy, and they had emerged victorious.
From that day on, Ember knew that Boris and Oscar would always have its back, just as it would always have theirs. And the dragon no longer felt alone or hunted, for it had found true courage and loyalty in its two friends.
Days passed, and Ember's wings slowly healed. It was able to fly again, and Boris and Oscar accompanied it on its flights, exploring the forest from high above.
They discovered hidden waterfalls, secret caves, and ancient ruins, and they marveled at the wonders of nature.
Ember no longer saw humans as a threat. It had learned that not all humans were alike, and that there were some who were kind and compassionate, like Boris and Oscar.
The dragon's heart swelled with pride and joy as it watched its two friends grow. Boris had become more outgoing and confident, while Oscar had learned to face his fears and trust his instincts.
Together, they had created a bond that transcended species and defied all odds. They were a testament to the power of friendship and courage, and Ember knew that it would cherish their friendship forever.
As they watched the sunset from a mountaintop, Ember spread its wings and let out a contented roar, a roar that echoed across the forest and beyond.
The adventure had only just begun, and Ember knew that it would face many challenges and trials in the future. But it also knew that with Boris and Oscar by its side, it could overcome anything.
For they were more than friends, they were family. And that was the greatest treasure of all.


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