Oscar Takes First Place on Product Hunt

a year ago
Oscar Takes First Place on Product Hunt

We are thrilled to announce that our startup, Oscar, has taken the first place on Product Hunt's "Product of the Day" on Easter Sunday. Oscar's innovative app, "Oscar Bedtime Stories", simplifies and personalizes the storytelling experience for parents and children. Using AI technology, individual bedtime stories are generated based on user input, where even the user's children, friends, and parents can become the main character.

We are particularly proud of the fact that we achieved this success without significant institutional investors, highlighting our team's commitment and hard work. Product Hunt is known for providing startups like Slack, Zapier, and Notion with the vital boost in recognition they need.

Oscar Bedtime Stories was developed in collaboration with parents and focuses on providing educational value to its users. The stories generated are not only entertaining but also convey important moral values and principles such as honesty, kindness, bravery, empathy, and responsibility.

"As parents ourselves, we understand the need for an endless source of inspiration for new stories to tell our children," said Dima Rubanov, Software Developer, and Co-Founder of Oscar. The AI technology used in Oscar is based on the popular GPT-4 model by Open AI, which we optimized through our own fine-tuning and complex prompt engineering. The stories are also complemented by beautifully crafted illustrations from the KI Midjourney.

Matthias Neumayer, Co-Founder of Oscar, added, "Our app is designed to make bedtime storytelling enjoyable for both children and parents." With Oscar, parents can receive new ideas for stories every evening, and children can look forward to exciting, personalized bedtime stories.

The success of Oscar Bedtime Stories is evident in the positive feedback we have received from over 1500 satisfied parents. The app is available for download on the App Store and Google Play. For more information about the app, please visit our official website.

We are excited about the future of Oscar and are committed to providing a fun, personalized, and educational experience for parents and children alike.


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