10 Engaging Indoor Games for Kids to Keep Boredom at Bay

9 months ago
10 Engaging Indoor Games for Kids to Keep Boredom at Bay

Are your kids bored at home? Is the weather outside not cooperating? Or are you just in search of some inspiration for the next children's party? Don't worry! There are countless things to do with children indoors, too. Our game ideas invite you to a few hours of creative play fun, all with things you already have at home!

1. Carpet Flip

In this game, all players stand on a small to medium-sized carpet. The challenge? Try to flip the carpet over without anyone stepping off it. This cooperative game is all about balance and teamwork.

2. Shoe Memory

This game needs a fair number of shoes (pairs)! Gather them all in a pile. One player leaves the room while the rest remove a shoe from the pile and hide it. The player must then return and guess which shoe is missing. Guess correctly, and they win! Replace the hidden shoe and let the next player take their turn.

3. Turtle Race

Two children each receive a laundry basket as a turtle shell. On all fours, they must race - without losing their shells.

4. Paper Airplane Contest##

Just grab some sheets of paper and let the creativity flow. The paper airplane that flies the farthest wins. Increase the difficulty by setting a time limit for construction. You can find cool paper airplane ideas here.

5. Spoon Mikado

Heap up some spoons for the "Spoon Mikado" game. The players must try to pull out one spoon after another without moving any other spoons. If another spoon moves, it's the next player's turn. The player with the most spoons at the end wins.

6. Draw Frankenstein

This game requires a few A4 sheets and pens. Each player gets a sheet, folds it to hide about a quarter of the page, and starts to draw a head on the first section. When all players have finished their heads, they fold the paper to hide their work and pass it to the neighbor. This process is repeated for the upper body, legs, and finally shoes. The end result? Hilariously assembled Frankensteins!

7. Grape Fishing

Place grapes or other small fruits in a large bowl or bucket. The kids must fish them out with their mouths. Whoever retrieves the most in a minute wins! For a greater challenge, replace grapes with an apple.

8. Opposite Game

In the Opposite Game, one child makes movements that the others must do the opposite of. If the "leader" squats, everyone else jumps. The first to mimic the movement is out.

9. Balloon Dance

All you need for the Balloon Dance are inflated balloons and your favorite music! As the song begins, throw the balloons into the air. They must not touch the floor before the music ends.

10. Grimace Contest

Two players sit approximately a meter apart, looking into each other's eyes. The first one to laugh loses. Pulling faces is absolutely allowed!

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